What If the Purge Actually Happened?

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What If the Purge Actually Happened?
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Crime as we know it today is a chaotic affair. Traffic offences and other minor crimes are too frequent to notice. Theft is rarely of interest to anyone other than the victim, while murders only make the news cycle if they have an interesting, fresh hook.

But what if it wasn’t this way? What if society could overcome this ingrained pettiness… at least most of the time? What if, The Purge Actually Happened?

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15 thoughts on “What If the Purge Actually Happened?

    1. What if the Purge actually happened. Well I am one hundred percent sure it would go like this. While everyone else is going crazy killing each other some Saudi Group dudes would sneak a freaking Nuclear capable warhead into Washington DC and detonate it. meanwhile some old Soviet Spetznas guys are sneaking a full nuclear bomb into New York and detonate it. At the same time this is happening Some Where in the Atlantic ocean a Russian Submarine goes full rogue and decides that the purge would be a perfect opportunity to launch a nuclear strike against the whole east coast. Then from there on the U.S. would no longer exist.

  1. Let’s be honest, barely anyone is going to have a murder-boner. If someone’s going to die, it will be to keep doing other crimes. By this I mean shooting someone when you’re robbing their house or something. Not everybody’s going to just kill for no reason. Me, I wouldn’t really care to commit a crime. Imagine how awkward it would be if you steal from or rape someone and have to see them the next day and pretend like nothing happened or there is no bad blood between y’all.