Top 5 Things Thor: Ragnarok Changed in the MCU

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Top 5 Things Thor: Ragnarok Changed in the MCU
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Thor: Ragnarok has significantly shaken up the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a number of ways. We’ve nearly reached the end of Marvel’s Phase Three, which means things are only going to change more by the time the fourth Avengers movie drops, but in the meantime, Thor’s third cinematic outing has left us with a lot to process and speculate about. Let’s dive in!

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10 thoughts on “Top 5 Things Thor: Ragnarok Changed in the MCU

  1. Thor losing Mjolnir continues the trend of the MCU having the Heros lose their physical aids and being Heros without them. Stark had to fight without his suit, Captain America without his sheild, Spidy found he didn’t need his suit, now Thor without his Hammer. Could even say Hulk without his human side. They are all being shown to be giving up their “safety blankets” and being Heros without props.

  2. I wish there had been a scene of Thor tearing North Korean soldiers limb from limb and then collapsing in despair over a pit full of dead orphans. Ugh, humor and fun are totally ruining superhero movies, SMH

  3. Really didn’t think that movie was that good it was basically guardians 3 but without the character development and serious plot points….and tried to be too funny…..tried anyway.

  4. Mjolnir was never the source of Thor’s power ever at all, it was a power enhancement item but Thor was still an immortal strong dude (stronger then hulk, he once lifted the weight the 20 planets with one arm the most hulk has ever lifted was one mountain and he could barely hold it) with lightning without his hammer.

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