Top 5 Myths About Space that Hollywood Taught Us

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Top 5 Myths About Space that Hollywood Taught Us

Space: the final frontier. These scientific lies have worked their way into our heads through movies like Star Wars, Star Trek, Gravity, Interstellar, 2001 A Space Odyssey, The Fifth Element, Armageddon, and many more. But if you spoke to someone from NASA, chances are they’d laugh at you. This episode of Top 5 Myths aims to find the truth behind what we think we know about space by asking all the big questions like; Are there explosions in space? Do humans freeze instantly in space? Are asteroid belts dangerous? How destructive is a black hole? and more!

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10 thoughts on “Top 5 Myths About Space that Hollywood Taught Us

  1. There are explosions in space. Just not huge continuous explosions. For
    example shooting a bullet from a rifle. The bullet itself has an oxidizing
    agent giving it enough O2 to cause the explosion to propel the bullet ergo,

  2. Wouldn’t we kinda explode in space without a suit on? I mean, there is no
    pressure holding us together, wouldn’t our atoms disperse? Just looked it
    up, we would swell a lot due to the low pressure and our blood would
    probably boil.

  3. Also, you won’t die immediately if exposed to the vacuum. You’ll stay
    conscious for about 15 seconds before all the oxygen is used up in your
    blood before passing out, long enough to feel the moisture boiling off your
    tongue and eyeballs, and no you won’t explode. Oh, and don’t try and hold
    your breath, that will only make your lungs burst.

  4. I already knew all of these myths weren’t true. I bet most people didn’t
    people believe several of them.

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