Top 10 Visual Effects You Thought Were Real

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Top 10 Visual Effects You Thought Were Real

You’re not the first to be fooled by these incredible movie special effects. WatchMojo ranks ten moments from movies that so unbelievably realistic that viewers didn’t even notice. Be it a naked shower scene, Twins from the Social Network, or entire landscapes like in Mad Max: Fury Road, you won’t even believe your eyes!

00:54 #10. City Battle Scenes
01:47 #9. Crime Scene
02:37 #8. Everything
03:41 #7. Baby in the Bath
04:46 #6. The Yacht Boarding Scene
05:33 #5. Sheep & Landscapes
06:13 #4. Naked Jessica Alba
06:54 #3, #2 & #1 ???

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9 thoughts on “Top 10 Visual Effects You Thought Were Real

  1. The social network on is good, but if your watch Orphan Black, where
    Tatiana Maslani plays half the cast and there are scenes with 4 clones in
    one scenes, you don’t really see it, you forget about how it’s the same

  2. The Jungle Book?? I mean yeah, obviously the animals aren’t real, but that
    scenery…! The only tangible object in that film was Mowgli!! Those
    landscapes and backgrounds were unbelievable!!

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