Top 10 Things We All Do But Won’t Admit To

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Top 10 Things We All Do But Won’t Admit To
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None of us are innocent when it comes to the following, so why even try to deny it? From drinking milk straight from the carton, to talking behind people’s backs, to not washing our hands after using the washroom, lets all just admit that we do these things! WatchMojo counts down ten things we all do but won’t admit to.

#10. Drinking from the Milk Carton
#9. Talking Behind Someone’s Back
#8. Not Washing Our Hands After Going to the Bathroom
#7. Pretending We’re Texting
#6. Farting
#5. Stalking Someone’s Social Media Profile
#4. Saying You Have Plans When You Don’t
#3, #2 & #1???

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Things We All Do But Won’t Admit To

  1. lets see how many lies she has. 10 i dont even buy milk cartons let alone drink out of them (not bottles either). 9 well yeah everyone does that. 8. sometimes of course. 7. what? is that something people do? why? 6. duh. 5, who doesnt. 4 kind of. 3. i like being a hermit, so yeah. 2. anyone who says they dont is lying. 1. exactly. as you said its impossible not to.
    so only 2 lies. a lot less than i thought.

  2. I do literally none of these
    Drinking milk out of the carton is nasty and causes germs
    I always wash my hands with soap after using the bathroom, even if they’re not dirty
    Have I ever told you how I have a thing about being sanitary

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