Top 10 Terrifying Serial Killers Who Are Free Right Now

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Top 10 Terrifying Serial Killers Who Are Free Right Now
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There’s nothing scarier than the thought of criminals who roam free. From Arnfinn Nesset, to Wolfgang Abel & Marco Furlan, to Aleksandr Rubel, these horrific serial killers are at large. Watchmojo counts down ten terrifying serial killers who are free right now.

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#10: Arnfinn Nesset
#9: Mitchell Johnson & Andrew Golden
#8: Wolfgang Abel & Marco Furlan
#7: Louis Van Schoor
#6: Mika Muranen
#5: Charlene Gallego
#4: Aleksandr Rubel
#3, #2 & #1???

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Terrifying Serial Killers Who Are Free Right Now

  1. I dislike the fact that they said, “Jeffrey Dahmer who?”
    Just because the kill count is higher for Lopez doesn’t mean that his crimes and evil should be dissed like that. He did some fucked up things, and so did Lopez, but I don’t think that anyone should make Dahmer’s crimes seem less important than they are. Even if he’s deemed as “not as bad as Pedro Lopez”.

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