Top 10 Mythical Battles Of All Time

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Welcome to Top10Archive! In this installment, we’re digging deep into the world’s legends, myths and other epic writings, to bring you 10 of the fiercest battles fought within them. So get ready, grab your swords or magic wands and charge into our picks for the top 10 mythical battles!

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10. Battle of Brávellir (Nordic)
9. Æsir–Vanir War (Norse)
8. Amazonomachy (Greek)
7. War of Vesosis and Tanausis (Roman)
6. Battle of Banquan (Chinese)
5. Trojan War (Greek)
4. Battle of Mag Itha (Irish)
3. Hindu Mythological Wars (Hindu)
2. Titanomachy (Greek)
1. Ragnarök (Norse)


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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Mythical Battles Of All Time

  1. To all those saying Ragnarök should not be number 1 i only ask one thing,
    why? It literally speaks about the end of the gods. Odin, the most wise and
    the ruler of the Æsir would be killed by the giant wolf Fenrir who is the
    son of Loki. Thor the thunder god and the protector of mankind would kill
    the Miðgarðsormur (midgard serpent), who was so big he could circle the
    world and bite its tail, and Thor would die just few moments later from his
    poison, the Miðgarðsormur was also the son of Loki. This all is just a spec
    of dust of all the things that happened during Ragnarök and it should
    always be number 1.

  2. the stuff about hindu mythology is not correct , hardly any research done
    and you did not mention any specific battle in hindu mythology and your
    pronunciation sucks..

  3. I understand that you as a nordic/norse or whatever you consider yourself
    will rank Rägnarok at Nº1…hahahahah
    I read the Rägnarok it is way simple, short, weird and poor literally
    speaking, as so is the whole anglosaxon literature (as Napoleon said German
    goes for dogs and English for horses while Italian is for women, French for
    men and Spanish for the Gods)
    On comparison to Ragnarok, Trojan War (actually it’s called The Illiad) is
    way more ellaborated than your f00kking Ragnarok and all those battles.
    Second to The Illiad we have the Titanomachy, then the Aesir – Vanir and
    then Ragnarok not to mention that you forgot the Japanese epic battles,
    anyways our battles are way over your battles. Ask any kid in China,
    Panama, Alaska, Taiwan, Irak etc about the Illiad…they know it…then ask
    them about Ragnarok…what? Exactly.
    Oh and Zeus is dark haired, not silver-haired as u guys depict him in all
    your media on contrast your Mighty Odin had to run his ass out from some
    kind of weird wooden house after dropping his eye in a pit that’s lame and
    yet you dare to compare him with Zeus/Jupiter LOL cunts.

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