Top 10 Most DEADLY Spiders In The WORLD!

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Welcome to Top10Archive! Arachnophobes beware. This installment is filled with creepy crawly, eight-legged freaks. Fanged critters that crawl menacingly over your furniture, trekking across your sleepy body when you’re at your most vulnerable. These are the ten deadliest spiders in the world… and they could be waiting for you in your shoes, in your cupboard, or even in the pillow on which you rest.

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10. Chinese Bird Tarantula
9. Wolf Spider
8. Yellow Sac Spider
7. Fringed Ornamental Tarantula
6. Six-Eyed Sand Spider (Sicarius)
5. Brown and Chilean Recluse Spiders
4. Latrodectus (Widow Spiders)
3. Mouse Spider
2. Sydney Funnel-Web Spider
1. Brazilian Wandering Spider




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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Most DEADLY Spiders In The WORLD!

  1. I can’t take the sand spider seriously after wathcing the viral video of a
    sand spider trying to hide under the sand xD

  2. Definitely an interesting and informative once again! Maybe do something
    along the lines of; longest/oldest living animal’s. You could or don’t have
    to break it up into certain groups ex: reptiles, marsupials, etc.. but
    either way, doing longest lived animal’s, ( as in crocodile’s are believed
    to be on this planet for “X” amount of year’s). that would be interesting
    to research and put into a list. I have other ideas but I won’t bore you
    all lol. only putting an idea out there for maybe you to do and/or branch
    of it. loving all the videos still😉

  3. omg I’m so scared of getting out of bed 😭 I had to make my brother come
    into the room and stay with me.

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