Top 10 Innocent Kids Sentenced To Life In Prison – Part 2

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Top 10 Innocent Kids Sentenced To Life In Prison – Part 2
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How’s it going Youtube I am Landon Dowlatsingh and welcome back to another most amazing top 10 video. Right now there are tens of thousands of innocent people behind bars. Thousands of those people of just kids and teenagers. Its just seems like such a corrupt system if so many people are serving decades in prison for crimes they didn’t commit. This is why I believe this saying. You can say you will never in your life time commit a crime, but you can never say you will never be framed or convicted of a crime. Ok so let’s get right into this list, this is the top 10 innocent kids sentenced to life in prison part 2. For part 1 click right over here.


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18 thoughts on “Top 10 Innocent Kids Sentenced To Life In Prison – Part 2

  1. How to get rid of a black guy 101. They don’t compensate as much as they do a white guy. Very SAD……. The next video should be about different types of robots. The coolest to the wtf

  2. I don’t get how people see this as an example of racism. Black people commit over 50% of crimes while making around 8% of the population. Low population and high crime rate, there will be mistakes. Also, someone committed the original crime and they matched the description so some of these guys just took another black mans spot. Another thing is some of these cases are just from corrupt people. That doesn’t equate to racism. Look up the definition of racism people and use facts to formulate opinions.

    1. Jewish Tryhard back when most of these men were sent to prison racism was very prevalent and the whole “ they all look the same” attitude is what got some found guilty. Study American history, if a white woman got raped it was blamed on a black man. Even if it was a white man.

    1. Jamisco Mufisco no they are all black because when these men were sent to prison this is what happened. The whole “they all look the same” attitude was prevalent.

  3. there all African American that racist maybe they were arrest by cops who were racist😕this was back then so I understand the racism the cop had

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