Top 10 Fun Jobs That Don’t Feel Like Work

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Welcome to Top10Archive! Stuck in a dead-end job? Sick of the same ol’ same ol’ monotony of everyday work? Well, that may be the case for some, but not for everybody… In this list, we’re going to count down our pick of fun jobs that don’t feel like work.

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10. Professional Voice Over Artist
9. YouTuber
8. Photographer
7. Brew Master
6. Roller Coaster Tester
5. Cartoonist
4. Ice Cream Taster
3. Executive Chef
2. Pro Game Player
1. Island Sitter


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14 thoughts on “Top 10 Fun Jobs That Don’t Feel Like Work

  1. i work at sixflags as a ride operator, i saftey test the rollercoaster i
    work on just about every day, its only a small part of my job

  2. Jim is very familiar looking. I want to say that it was from a TLC channel
    show but I could be wrong.

    1. Narrator says: I’ve been on several TV shows, commercials, etc. If you fly
      internationally, you’ll even catch a glimpse of me in the video that plays
      in the US Customs area. Or maybe (*sigh* I just have one of those
      familiar-looking faces. But if you ever spot me somehow, be sure to say hi

  3. Hahaha so there’s a face to go with the voice, cool stuff ; )

    Wicked episode but some of these I agree about the good wearing off very
    quickly, even the ice cream and rollercoaster thing, when you’re being told
    what to do or when to do it, it’s never fun =P

    Best to just keep the nice things as passions and interests, not jobs, job
    means money, money means shit. There’s no such thing as a ‘dream job’ but I
    was thinking about this a while ago for ages, a dream ‘job’ would be one
    that you would do even if you weren’t getting paid, something you enjoy and
    care about that much, I thought of three things only out of everything,
    taking care of the Planet, Forestry and so on, taking care of other
    animals, and firefighter.

  4. Hey Top10Archive, I wanted to ask you what mic do you use for your videos?
    I recently started my channel and would appreciate some constructive
    criticism 🙂 Also, do you use a popfilter?

    1. Narrator says: I use a Sennheiser short boom mic with a BabyFace Pro
      interface, plus a couple of different recording/editing software programs.
      My mic has a sleeve covering it that acts as a pop filter. All this happens
      within a dedicated recording booth area. Thanks for asking and good luck
      with your channel

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