Top 10 AMAZING Houses – Off Grid Living

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Welcome to Top10Archive! Protecting the environment is a major concern for the current and future generations. Our carbon footprint has been a heavy one, stamped around Mother Nature recklessly and without pause. In response to the fear of global warming, the concept of off-the-grid or green living has grown in popularity, and to show that you don’t have to give up style to have a decreased impact on nature, we’ve found these Top 10 Amazing Off-the-Grid Homes!

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10. Freedomky House
9. The Ekinoid Project
8. Earthships Packaged Model
7. The Stoltz Bluff Home
6. Ecocapsule
5. Lighthouse
4. ZeroHouse
3. Soleta zeroEnergy
2. The Hobbit House
1. The Stamp House

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16 thoughts on “Top 10 AMAZING Houses – Off Grid Living

  1. These are all good places to live, but there _is_ the option of living on a grid that uses a *green* power station, such as a solar farm, a wind farm, a waste-to-energy facility, or an *Enhanced* *Geothermal* *Energy* *Station.*

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    2. yankeezphan Considering Nintendo Switch just dame out and shows even Tiny Cartridges can do a lot,Maybe other gaming company will follow.

  3. Do a google search by typing in “images of fairy tale homes around the world” or weird homes and etc. Incredible places!

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