Top 10 Amazing Facts About Venus

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Welcome to Top10Archive! All of this galactic travel is tiring, but we’re still saddened to know we are only 2 planets away from completing this journey! For this out of this world installment, we’re visiting Venus – sometimes known as Earth’s Sister Planet. Join us on one of our last planetary escapes for ten great facts about the 2nd rock from the sun!

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10. Discovering Venus
9. Naming the Bright Planet
8. Phosphorus, Hesperus, Lucifer, and Vesper
7. An Unusual Rotation
6. Seeing Through Venus’ Atmosphere
5. Average Surface Temperature
4. Visiting the 2nd Rock from the Sun
3. Earth’s Sister Planet
2. A Sad, Moonless Life
1. A Tropical Paradise?


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16 thoughts on “Top 10 Amazing Facts About Venus

  1. I should drag the planet venus into an earth like orbit and then make my
    own private planet out of it.

  2. What a pity Venus turned out to be a burning furnace, instead of an exotic
    paradice… something like Pandora in the movie AVATAR… So much creative
    imagination by the classic greats of Science Fiction, remained just that :
    Plain fiction ! Isn’t it a shame ?

    1. +theo9952 I still think colonize neighboring planets is more realistic.
      Unless we can really overcome the speed of light traveling restriction, but
      I don’t see how that is physically possible. People talk about wormholes,
      but that is still a blank paper when come to creating them, and understand
      how they work.

    2. +Derrick Liu
      Seems to me like it would probably require less time, effort and expence to
      reach the stars than to ever accomplice the terraforming especially of
      Venus. But who knows what the future may bring ?

    3. +theo9952
      People can mass produce space drones to drift transport Carbon Dioxide from
      Venus to Mars. Keep doing so for several hundred, perhaps a few thousand
      years, will balance out two planets. Not to mention the Carbon Dioxide is a
      precious food source of plants for future Terra-transforming and colonizing
      the two planets. It is best to store them in form of dry ice at Mars’ poles.

      But to cool down Venus further, it will require shading satellites to orbit
      always the side of Venus facing the sun. Collect solar energy, the same
      time block out the sun by extending large solar panel leaves, enormously
      large ones. Once an ecological system is established, things will get much

      Still they will never be as comfortable as Earth.

    4. +Derrick Liu
      Ηmm… well, I don’t know about that and who can tell with certainty
      anyway. The fact is that as it already is, Venus is most probably an
      inapproachable and useless planet. What a waste !

    5. +theo9952
      Even if Venus has the same atmosphere as Earth, its temperature can still
      theoretically exceeds 120 degree Celsius. I wouldn’t call that paradise.

  3. Can’t explain why Venus rotates backwards, make something up. Can’t explain
    why Venus has no moons, make something up. To make the story even more
    interesting, make something up like it used to be a tropical paradise. Why
    not say it had mermaids living there too!

  4. What an absolute crock of shit! Space is fake, earth is flat and you space
    nerds are an absolute joke!

  5. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t earth also very hot, with a dense
    atmosphere and wicked atmospheric pressure some billion years ago? Maybe
    venus will someday chill out and become a happy life sustaining beauty just
    as earth. (If the sun doesn’t eat it 1st)

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