Top 10 Amazing Facts About Earth

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Welcome to Top10Archive! Well, we’ve finally made it! After all that galactic traveling, we’re stopping by Mother Earth before scooting on to Venus. While we’re here, we might as well dish out some info about this beautiful planet, right?

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10. 1.3 Million Earths
9. A Real Earth Day
8. Distance from the Sun
7. Earth’s Lonely Satellite
6. The Many Quakes of Earth
5. What’s Visible from Space?
4. Giant Mushrooms of Earth
3. How Deep Does it Go?
2. Is Earth Really That Unique?
1. An Ungodly Naming






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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Amazing Facts About Earth

  1. I think that we passed Venus & passed the Sun to the other side where Earth
    is since Venus was published April 11th, 2016. No offense intended, just
    trying to point out that we’ve already passed Venus & we’re heading to
    Mercury now. Thanks for the great videos, keep them coming & keep them

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