10 Worst Trolls In History

Winding people up online is pretty much part of the parcel of digital life, but these people certainly took it way too far. Click to Subscribe.. FAQ's: What editing software do we use?: What mic do we use for our voice overs?: What camera do we use to film?: What

10 Times When TROLLING Went TOO FAR

Welcome to Top10Archive! Thanks to the budding of the internet, the act of trolling has become an art. Where older generations would tie a string to a $100 bill, modern trolls have quite the arsenal of opportunities to unleash their worst. Some trolling is mindless and serves to only bog

Top 10 D*ck Moves While Playing Video Games

Top 10 Dick Moves When Playing Video Games Subscribe: TIMESTAMPS BELOW! These are the most troll heavy, uncalled for, lame, cheap or just plain shitty moves you can pull when playing video games. They can be cheese tactics, cheap-ass moves, button mashing, lame weapons or just plain stupid things to do, as