Spider-Man to LEAVE the MCU After Homecoming Sequel? – The CineFiles Ep. 14

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We find ourselves at the end of March, but not without some major news coming out of Hollywood this week! Stephen King has been terrorizing audiences for decades, and a new adaptation of his iconic story It is hitting the big screen, and it’s first teaser trailer was released. Joss Whedon, the man behind Buffy and The Avengers now finds himself working with DC films to write, produce and direct a standalone Batgirl movie. Marvel also made news when a Spider-Man: Homecoming producer spilled that Spidey may not be part of the MCU long, and may leave after Homecoming’s sequel. So sit back, relax and enjoy WatchMojo’s The CineFiles, as we count down our picks for the biggest cinema news of the week!

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10 thoughts on “Spider-Man to LEAVE the MCU After Homecoming Sequel? – The CineFiles Ep. 14

  1. I hope Sony goes bankrupt and sell back Spidey to Marvel. Lots of Spidey and MCU fans are gonna be let down and no its not Marvel’s fault,its freaking Sony’s. I was really really really freaking hyped to see Spidey in MCU 😭.

  2. Man FOX, Sony and WB are ruining everything. All these spinoffs are going to cause a comic book movie fatigue.

  3. Why would spider-man leave the mcu after homecoming? This would be suicide for this character for the 3rd time. Let sony burn if that’s the case.

  4. And I believe that taking Spidey away is a big mistake, since two awful Spidey Movies… (Spider-Man 3 and The Amazing Spider-Man 2) let their impressions. I believe that this new reboot can show the power and magic Spidey showed us for many years.

  5. Well, some news claim that Amy Pascal doesn’t have any power to decide that since she step-out from being Sony Vice-President since the Hacking Attack in 2015, and that is completely infunded. I believe that the good reception Spider-Man Homecoming can have can be positive for any future negociation Marvel/Disney and Sony can have. So, resuming: Amy Pascal does not have power to decide if Spider-Man can get out or not from the MCU, and I hope that Spider-Man Homecoming be the Marvel Masterpiece the trailers showed us. For now, not worry. This new can be truth or false. And I hope it can be false.

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