Deadpool VS Deathstroke

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Deadpool VS Deathstroke
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Two deadly mercenaries with a lot in common, it’s time to decide who the greatest Wilson truly is: it’s Slade VS Wade, the original VS the parody, Deathstroke VS Deadpool. Who will win? Our VS series pits two classic characters against one and other in 5 rounds that ultimately decide who wins and who loses.

Origins of Deathstroke:
Origins of Deadpool:

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10 thoughts on “Deadpool VS Deathstroke

  1. You know that common fact we use 10% of our brain …. seriously … people still believe this??? Google. Please. Brain Scanning disproved this so many years ago and there was never any real evidence it was true. Just someone said it and people want to believe it.

  2. He’s been dismembered, decapitsted and subject to all forms of harm …. so he’s married and has kids.

  3. Nah Deathstroke wins every round but the last.

    *Powers and Abilities
    – Evolved Brain
    – Enhanced Intellect
    – Superhuman Strength
    – Superhuman Reflexes
    – Enhanced Senses
    – Enhanced/Rapid Healing
    – Master of All Weaponry
    – One of the best soldiers in DC
    – Known as the worlds deadliest assassin
    – Known as the best tactician on the planet

    – Hyper Regenerative HF
    – Partial insanity due to brain being cellulary decaying and regenerating
    – Proficient in all weaponry
    – Above average martial artist
    – Above Average physicals due to the punishment his body can withstand and produce.

    Deathstroke = 1
    His abilities make him superior in every way but healing as fast as Deadpool.

    Origin goes to Deathstroke for actually mattering and being a bigger part of him than Deadpools whose origin is debatable.

    This wholly depends on the person judging. Idk why this is even mentioned btw Deadpool is in no way original. He was literally made to be a parody.

    Deathstroke no diff. His brain is literally evolved and he is known as the best tactician on the planet.

    *Movies/tv Adaptation
    Both have been through hell, but Deathstroke has been through worse, if making him just a skilled and powerless assassin (Son of Batman) or making him an old general with a metal plate over his eye (smallville) isnt bad enough, he was made into a magneto like villain wearing a grey suit in Lois and Clark.

    Deadpool wins by having less horible adaptations.

  4. This is so stupid. It’s not stupid because Deadpool won. It’s not stupid because Deadpool is more popular. It’s stupid because the last category is so arbitrary it’s utterly dumb. Live-action adaptations?!!? Really? We’re just going to ignore the ~3 seasons of Slade in Teen Titans that propelled Deathstroke outside the comic universe. We’re going to conveniently excuse the absolutely pathetic portrayal of Deadpool in Wolverine Origins. There are versions of Deathstroke in Young Justice and the DCAU? Who cares?! Ok! Convenient rating is convenient. Look, I’m gonna be honest, I like Deathstroke more than Deadpool, but the Deadpool movie was hilarious, and is my second favorite Marvel hero (I know Deadpool isn’t in the MCU) movie. But come on, that last category was bananas. Just say non-comic adaptations and argue that Deadpool is better, I would’ve disagreed, but at least it would’ve seemed fair. When you’re doing this, don’t blatantly stack the deck in favor of who you want to win.

  5. Look at all the dathstroke fan boys😃😃😃😂😂😂 you’ve gotta admit that deadpool is millions of times more funny, stylish abd POPULAR then deathstroke

  6. The 10 percent thing is a myth. We in fact use all of our brain. Each part serves a different purpose.