Code Geass Vs Death Note

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These are two Anime Series that many associate with one another. But between Light’s quest to become the God of the New World and Lelouch’s Rebellion as Zero, which of these two shows stands out the most? We’re looking at factors such as Story, Supporting Cast, Suspense, Animation, Powers/Abilities, and Protagonists to decide our favourite. Do You think its Madhouse’s Death Note or Sunrise’s Code Geass?

With the new Netflix Death Note movie coming up and Code Geass making its return with “Lelouch of the Resurrection”, what better time to see these two iconic anime franchise clash?

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15 thoughts on “Code Geass Vs Death Note

  1. Watch these anime series and decide for yourself! Also get a Death Note Notebook!
    Code Geass: Lelouch of Rebellion Complete Series
    Death Note Box Set (Vol. 1-12)
    L-zonc 135 Pages Death Note Notebook with Feather Pen

    1. WatchMojo I prefer Gundam and Code Geass for a versus video, but why not Code Geass vs Transformers!!!!?!?

  2. Death Note never should win this battle. The most known scene on the internet of Death Note is literally him eating a fucking potato chip with dramatic music. Code Geass is most known for the amazing ending

  3. Anytime I hear the name Code Geass I want to end my life. It was consistently the most unsatisfying anime I have ever watched. They made me like Lelouch enough that I wanted him to win and rule over britannia but then they turn him into a moron and made everyone hate him so then I started to hate him too. And so many situations where he would have won but then they pull the “NOPE JUST KIDDING yellow motherf*cker incoming.” Never again. Death Note is miles ahead in my mind. All you need is the first half and it blows the whole of Code Geass out of the water.

  4. Death Note is a far superior series in my eyes. The only thing Code Geass may have had over Death Note was it’s ending (I liked Death Note’s ending more, loved it in fact, but that is not popular opinion) but now with season 3 coming, you guys can’t even call it an ending. Death Note is a masterpiece, and Code Geass is a wannabe with a lot of useless characters and an overdramatized plot. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Code Geass quite a bit, but Death Note should always be held to a differnet standard. And before the people who like to claim the series “died” with L; just because your favorite character died doesn’t mean the show went to shit. It was the end of the most amazing character I have ever seen, followed by the fall and bout of insanity of the character that killed him, at the hands of not one but two geniuses similar to L, proving that Kira was the most formidable of opponents. Death Note all the way.

  5. I hate how they let them both win two, then let the final round determine it all, you can give anyone a point if you kusy pic the right category. Maybe if they stuck to the same five categories every battle, but so far I have been severely dissapointed by this segment.

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