10 Worst Jobs In The History Of Humanity

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Gathering leeches, collecting corpses and… playing World of Warcraft? These are the 10 worst jobs ever. When you see what these people have had to do to make ends meet, you might feel a little better about your job.

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10 thoughts on “10 Worst Jobs In The History Of Humanity

  1. Some 25 years ago, i was doing odd jobs. One such day i was taken to work on a steel mill. My job was to stand inside a 2meter wide pipe or chimnee that stood above a blast furnace, by where the gasses escaped. My job was cleaning said pipe from slag residues with a shovel, when the furnace was emptied of the molten steel. The only way someone could withstand the heat, was by having a water pipe spray me constantly with cold water, while wearing a protective suit. I was never told how hot it was. But my work boots melted. Oh the stupid things we do for money…
    Beat that!

  2. Pitch farmer dong farmer is crap pitch is crude oil yes look it up but working as a miner isn’t so bad I worked In sewers before so the idea of a mine isn’t so bad.

  3. Many of those, I didn’t know. Very nice vid !

    Feel free to also check OnTheList for other interesting vids 🙂

  4. you got most of the stuff about vestal virgin wrong. there were 18 of them at any time in all of the roman empire. 6 were on duty keeping the flames alive. 6 were training the new. and 6 were the new. it was an honor for the family to have you girl be chosen, as they were regarded kind of like half gods nobody could touch them in any way, not even Cesar, if anybody touch them they were wiped or worse, this is the reason that they were buried alive as punishment, that way nobody touches them. the vestal virgins had to follow a lot of rules, even the way they were chosen was strict. you had to b from a Nobel family and look perfect (kind of like a model today) also you had to be less the 10 years old to be chosen.

    Ted-Ed made a video about the vestal virgins
    earlier today I was on a guided tour to the colosseum and at the forum, the guide was a female archaeologist.
    I am a history teacher who is trying to find something that would interest the female students.

  5. Vestal Virgins tended to a fire, and things rarely went wrong. With their job, they got extra rights that normal women were excluded from. It wasn’t that bad of a job.

  6. WOW honestly makes me wish it never existed, Im not blaming the game or other games for deaths of people, its just how people become so addicted to the game it soon becomes literally the only thing they will focus on, which makes me feel bad for those types of players.

  7. “In one particularly heinous case, a girl was punished with molten lead poured down her throat”
    Fucking shit man.

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