10 Weapons That Changed The History Of Warfare

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What would warfare be without weapons? Well, not much and certainly more peaceful. But which weapon was the most influential?

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10 thoughts on “10 Weapons That Changed The History Of Warfare

  1. kalashnikov himself said the ameircan m-16 was a better rifle in the hands of a trained soldier. the AK’s beauty was that it was damn near indestructable, sacrificing range and accuracy for easy on maintenance so peasants could use it.for bows I think Agincourt. trebuchet were not the big change-it was only cannons that ended the idea of stone walls. chemical weapons while nasty have NEVER been decisive ion the battle field even in WW1. how did you leave off the machine gun? in 1914 a man with an automatic weapon could suddenly defend a space that previously took dozens of riflemen to cover. it changed the face of battle.

  2. Nah the first gun that comes to mind is the AR-15. Terrorists in the US seem to like to use those more now.

  3. Pretty sure the French were the first to use chlorine gas in the first months of the war and the Germans followed with mustard gas

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