10 Ways America Is Preparing for World War 3

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It’s not just Russia that’s building up its nuclear arsenal and training its forces for a potentially imminent all-out war.

Here’re 10 ways in which America is preparing for World War Three.

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10 thoughts on “10 Ways America Is Preparing for World War 3

  1. This is just scare mongering clickbait ,both countries want to avoid war as
    they both know it would end the world as it is

  2. Lol ww3 won’t ever break out… that would cause billions of people to die
    in a couple minutes… nobody is that mad or mentally ill to do that. At
    most, russia will nuke middle east, which is a good thing tbh. There is no
    way any country leader, with or without a brain, will start shooting
    nuclear missiles at another country, knowing that the retaliation would be
    immediate and catastrofic.

  3. If World War 3 start the next thing you know the human race is about to
    die. Please don’t start world war 3 there are so many people who want to
    live their lives without a nuclear holocaust (In other word’s like the
    fallout series).

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