10 Theme Parks You Won’t Believe That Actually Exist

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Theme / Amusement parks so strange you’ll just keep asking why.
top 10 strange theme parks from around the world that are totally bizarre
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We have all been to a theme park at one point or two in our lives. Whether we’re pass holders to Disneyland or can’t get enough thrills at a Six Flags park, we love theme parks and want more of them. Theme parks are part of the world’s favorite past time. From roller coaster-centric parks to fairytale-centric, the tickets are high and the souvenirs are expensive, and people are willing to shell out as much money as possible to ensure that they have a good time. Just as people have all different kinds of interests, investors and designers are continuously trying to keep up with the trends and see if it’s possible to dedicate large scale parks to these interests. From Wizard of Oz theme parks to sex theme parks, there seems to be a park for everyone these days.
In this video are some of the strange theme parks that actually exist. There are some parks on this list that may sound like a joke, but they are very real. While some of the parks may not be active anymore, they did exist for a period of time, satisfying the entertainment needs for those who paid for the tickets. If you have a niche that you’re into, why not take a gander at Google? There may be a theme park for all of those weird things that you like. At these strange theme parks, you are among like-minded people who share the same wants, and you can all come together for some normalcy.
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