10 Recent Space Discoveries That BLEW OUR MINDS

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Welcome to Top10Archive! You keep asking for it so we’re going to keep on delivering! Back again, are we, on our epic journey through space. That vast blackness, speckled with planets, stars, and other wonders, is an infinite source for discovery. On this galactic quest, we’re checking out the top 10 most recent space discoveries. Boy, I hope number one is aliens!

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10. 2014 UZ224
9. Universe Expansion Rate
8. HD 106906 b
7. Europa’s Water Plumes
6. Martian Tsunamis
5. Comet Lovejoy’s Drunken Trail
3. Water on Mars
2. Oldest Solar System
1. Earth 2.0


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10 thoughts on “10 Recent Space Discoveries That BLEW OUR MINDS

  1. Concerning the last one, even if it does have close-enough life-sustaining
    properties, wouldn’t the extra 60% of mass equal much stronger gravity?
    Would 60% add too much gravity to get used to?

  2. Bahama Sunrise is so cool, should have stuck with that, sounds a bit like
    an 80’s nightclub in 80’s LA or Miami =P

    I don’t have a clue who comes up with those shitty names though, boring as
    fuck. I love the music in the background, what is it?

    Very thought provoking episode, great stuff.

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