10 Products That Are Designed To Fail

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Surely engineers design their products to be awesomely reliable right? Well, not exactly as these 10 casing examples prove.

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15 thoughts on “10 Products That Are Designed To Fail

    1. Every appliance in my home is from 1952. And they all work. Tho the b/w Zenith TV did die a few years back – and I didn’t replace it. The average electric bill for my 4br home is $25 monthly – leaving me to believe that the older appliances were more energy efficient than they are today.

  1. MY PC normally last 5-10 years, I’m on my 4th PC in last 20 years, of course I upgraded some parts along the way, which is quite simple and doesn’t cost much, the most expensive part is the video card, which I normally upgrade once in per PC’s life span, cost from $200-$300, never the newest or the most expensive ones but good enough to run the current games.
    I never bought an apple product, because most games don’t run on it, and they are almost impossible to upgrade. Now I learned something new, they purposely screw you up, I’m glad I never had any of them.

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