10 Pet Animals That ATE Their Owners

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Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! Do you have a pet that you entrust with your life, an animal that’s been faithful to you for years? Maybe a dog or a cat or even something more exotic who’s face you have no qualms snuggling up to? Well, keep them in mind as we sink our teeth into our latest Archive and count down these top ten pets that ate their owners.

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10. The Monsters of the Nile
9. A Late Night Snack
8. Starvation Frenzy
7. The Duxbury Tragedy
6. Survival of the Fittest
5. Feasting in Valencia
4. The Circle of Life
3. The Felines of Janet Veal
2. Hog Wild
1. Mark Voegel’s Exotic Collection


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14 thoughts on “10 Pet Animals That ATE Their Owners

    1. Top 10 Archive dude, if the dog bite the owner testicles its to self defence sexual abuse, so, think 2 twice before port this difamation shit, the only thing i hate the most from humans its to make victims themselves, and if the dogs heat the owners body, its why they dead, and the animals don t find anything to heat, and its just to survive, i think i ill report this shit

  1. You should of added Timothy Treadwell the grizzly man and his girlfriend Amy who got eaten by a grizzly bear in Alaska October 5 2003

  2. In my house no one really checks on me if I’m locked away in my room because they know I come out they are just gone or sleeping when I do but in my room I have 8 birds who like meat, and im the only one who feeds them every day, so if I ever pass in my sleep I’m sure I would become their meal eventually, and no one would even know about it for days

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