10 Offensive Advertising Campaigns

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Advertisers have often used shock-techniques to grab the attention of its audiences. However, some companies have been accused of going way too far, and crossing the line into offensiveness.

Alltime10s brings you 10 companies that thought it acceptable to use racism, sexism and homophobia to sell their products.

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SOFY BeFresh advert –
Hyundai Pipe Job advert –

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10 thoughts on “10 Offensive Advertising Campaigns

  1. There’s nothing wrong about that on dunkin donuts. So if it’s white, would
    someone call it racist? So nonsense.

  2. “Paranoid American Thinking..” Lmao sums up the way people get offended by
    pretty much everything. People can’t even differentiate REAL blackface and
    harmless makeup effects.

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