10 Misconceptions Everyone Believes About China

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It’s the most populous country in the world, and possibly the most powerful. But do you know as much about it as you think? Here’s 10 Misconceptions Everyone Believes About China.

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10 thoughts on “10 Misconceptions Everyone Believes About China

  1. 这种假装对华没有偏见的烂视频,竟然被认为是中国政府出资赞助的。这些友邦蛮夷怕是被洗脑洗傻了。

  2. China make technology but to run that technology you need software. .*! India supply software & IT support to 100 countries in world including china japan usa many others

  3. Indian economy is 3rd largest in world and fastest growing economy in world ..growing faster than china with rate od 7.8% while chinese economy is growing with 6.6% rate .!! By 2050 india to over take china and be #1 economy in world

  4. Fuck china….!! And fucking dog Pakistan. ..TIBET is not china…HONG KONG is not china..TAIWAN is not china ..!! Fuck china

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