10 Dumbest Wars In History – WTF?

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History is full of conflicts that don’t make much sense. From a war fought over bird poo, to a bloody battle instigated by the slaughter of a swine, AllTime10s brings you 10 Dumbest Wars In History.

Music: Greatest Cape by Tim Garland | March of the Goblins by Debbie Wiseman | Space Sentinels by James Brett

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11 thoughts on “10 Dumbest Wars In History – WTF?

  1. Hey alltime10s the new format is nice but the music can get a bit annoying
    especially with the looping. Other then that great video as always!

  2. It just shows that people will kill each other for any reason whatsoever.
    Bet none of these are in modern day History textbooks.

  3. stupid war, the Ohio Michigan war was pretty stupid, it was either Ohio
    gets Toledo and Michigan got the peninsula or Michigan just got Toledo,
    Michigan wanted Toledo though so…

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